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Tantra massage is a very therapeutic, healing and restorative loving touch massage that uses sexual energy to help raise our consciousness, enhance intimacy, and achieve a state of relaxation and well-being.

Unlike a traditional massage that primarily targets the physical body, a Tantra massage also emphasizes emotional and spiritual healing and aims to deepen our mind, body, spirit, and sex connection.  This practice fosters spiritual growth and helps  deepen our relationship with ourselves and others, and with the universe.   

A Tantra massage helps individuals:  

  • open the energy pathways in the body,

  • rebalance the chakras,

  • explore and release emotional blockages,

  • enhance intimacy and sexual connection

  • restore connection and overall well-being

The type of Tantra massage that I offer focuses on de-armoring the body; that is releasing physical and emotional blockages, stuck energy, emotions, or tension that are believed to be stored or 'armored' in the body's cellular tissue.  This process of de-armoring helps individuals release these blockages or obstructions leading to a state of relaxation, increased feelings of passion, love,  and emotional healing. 


All my massage practices are exclusively for healing purposes and non-sexual in nature.  While orgasm is not the goal, it is a possible outcome of the healing process and is fully accepted without judgment.


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genital area and literally means 'Sacred Temple' or 'Sacred Space'.  Yoni healing is a very important aspect of Tantra massage.  It is an ancient Tantric practice with the primary focus of bringing a yoni owner's sexuality and sexual creative energy to life.  It's a gentle, loving exploration of a yoni owner's genitals and their spiritual, sacred divine feminine energy. 


I offer Yoni healing massage as a therapeutic, healing opportunity for yoni owners to open up energetically and spiritually, to de-armor emotionally, and release traumatic sexual and emotional blockages, tensions, and obstructions so that they can rediscover their complete sensual, creative, and spiritual essence. 

Yoni healing massage can help yoni owners:

  • foster a deeper sense of emotional well-being,

  • increase self-awareness, 

  • increase sensitivity and pleasure, 

  • reveal new states of arousal and blissful experiences,

  • expand their orgasmic potential,

  • improve genital health,

  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles,

  • improve lubrication and more intense orgasms,

  • and many more....

Image by Toa Heftiba

A Yoni healing massage is a one-way touch from the practitioner to the client and is performed with hands only.  Although not intended as a so-called 'happy ending massage', pleasure, fun, and even orgasms may happen naturally and are part of the healing process. 


Image by Conscious Design

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male genital area and literally means 'Wand of Light' or 'Wand of Healing'.  A Lingam healing massage is a powerful healing practice that focuses on the lingam owner's genital area, combining traditional massage techniques with tender, mindful touch and energy work. 

Much like the Yoni healing massage, the Lingam healing massage is an ancient Tantric practice that aims to provide the lingam owner with a pathway to explore their sensuality, emotions, and sexual energy in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.  It is a gentle and loving way to help lingam owners remove any tensions or blockages within their genital area and release any emotional and sexual trauma.  


I offer Lingam healing massage as a genital and sexual healing massage to help lingam owners open up energetically and spiritually, de-armor emotionally, and release sexual, emotional, physical, and traumatic blockages so that they can rediscover their complete sensual, creative, and spiritual essence. 

Lingam healing massage can help lingam owners:

  • foster a deeper sense of emotional well-being,

  • expand their orgasmic potential,

  • increase sensitivity, libido and sexual pleasure,

  • improve genital / prostate health,

  • alleviate Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction,

  • increase self and body awareness,

  • control erections,

  • and many more....

A Lingam healing massage is a one-way touch from the practitioner to the client and is performed with hands only.  There is no sexual act and it does not involve ejaculation, though other forms of orgasm are possible and fully accepted.  


  • embark on a journey of self-discovery and your true essence

  • have a more profound sense of presence and mindfulness

  • expand your orgasmic potential

  • transform trauma, achieve sexual freedom, and grow spiritually

  • cultivate and receive pleasure without pressure, judgement, or shame

  • explore your sexuality in a sacred and safe environment 

  • deepen intimacy and connection with yourself and others

  • experience pleasure beyond the purely physical aspect

  • increase sensitivity, libido and sexual pleasure,

  • alleviate genital health issues and improve your overall well-being

  • feel God (universe/nature) and unconditional love inside you


  • think it is only about erotic or sexual play and gratification

  • are uncomfortable with close, physical contact or loving touch

  • don't believe in emotional or spiritual healing

  • not willing to open yourself to the full tantric massage experience

  • have personal beliefs or values that conflict with the principles of Tantra

  • have experienced recent trauma or abuse and have not yet embarked on a path to healing

  • have severe mental or physical health issues

  • suffer from severe vaginal, testicular, prostate, or rectal pain and have never seen a medical professional

  • suffered sexual abuse and have not see a medical professional or therapist 

  • have recently undergone surgery or have been in a recent accident


2 hours - $500 CAD

2.5 hours - $575 CAD

3 hours - $650 CAD

Nude Practitioner Option - Add $50

*Fees are accepted through e-transfer or cash.  Note:  Prices listed are subject to change without notice.

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